To: HFI Clients


From: Gerard Vitti, CEO of HFI


Re: Covid-19 Business Continuity Plan


As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis continues to accelerate, HFI is committed to providing a safe environment for our employees and ensuring business continuity in service to our members and clients. Below we’ve addressed two key components of our continuity plan:


Infrastructure Systems, Data Security and Compliance

We are continuously building and improving our existing foundation as part of our Disaster Recovery Plan. While we continue our work as usual, we now have a remote workforce for employees not needed onsite. If employees have to be onsite, we are practicing social distancing and have increased cleaning and hygiene protocols. As a company with an extremely strong infrastructure we are equipped to manage business continuity challenges virtually with the highest data security and compliance measures in place. Actions include:


  • Laptops, computers, hard drives, monitors, keyboards, docking stations, security tokens and call center equipment have been set up remotely for all eligible employees.
  • Training of all personnel on best security practices for remote access has been conducted.
  • It is mandatory that employees use VPN remote access in secure home office with perimeter defense and the highest security and data encryption technologies as well as the latest anti-virus software and multi-factor authentication.


Operations and Support

We anticipate minor impact to our services and we have demonstrated our capacity to keep operating, with only limited interruption which we are currently resolving. We have increased channels of internal communication and changes can be shared in real time to those who need to know specific information; and those who need to take action. As always, we will prioritize our contact with you so you can remain focused on your business challenges and goals.
We will continue to meticulously monitor news from the World Health Organization, the CDC and Department of Public Health in MA among other sources and guidelines, and are committed to reassessing the situation and adjust our plans accordingly.
We wish you all good health and thank you for continuing to place your trust in us. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or inquiries.


Warm regards,


Gerard Vitti