SSI Disability is all we do at HFI. Our singular focus results in increased revenue and higher PMPM through more Disability conversions.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable Member Advocates outreach and guide Members through every step of the enrollment process, delving deeper to understand their physical and/or mental disabilities. The result is a virtuous cycle: Members’ lives are dramatically improved by their new income
and Plan revenue is significantly increased through more conversions meaning higher PMPM.

    • Expert social services professionals proficient in mental health and substance abuse comorbidities.
    • Culturally diverse people that mirror your plan’s community and members.
    • Volunteer in homeless shelters and other
      community agencies.

    • Customizable to your plan’s population and business objectives.
    • Adaptive technology becomes ‘smarter’ over time creating more sustainable revenue.
    • A Big Data approach which creates highly accurate lists for outreach using all available data.

    • HFI has proven to create significantly more Disability conversions for MCO Plans.
    • Higher PMPM resulting in Millions in new revenue.
    • No Risk business model.
    • Proper classification of your members leads to new revenue and improves your bottom line.