Members Benefit.
Plans Benefit.
Advocacy Works.

Our mission is to partner with our healthcare clients to improve their fiscal health by advocating for their most vulnerable members. HFI helps them get necessary SSI/SSDI disability and other benefits and income affording them access to important social determinants of health. We improve health outcomes for members and in doing so; we also improve our clients' bottom line.

Social Determinants of Health

The tax-free income members receive from SSI/SSDI benefits opens the doors to independence and additional assistances that are essential for their well-being.

Our People

The Heart of HFI

Jerry Vitti, CEO started HFI in 1999. He is the son of a social worker and has always held member service as the first and highest goal at HFI.

HFI is steeped in a tradition of social work. That’s why HFI’s member services team is staffed by diverse people with compassion, excellent communication skills, and understand medical, mental health and substance use conditions.

Jerry also has a daughter with a rare disability that affects both her physical health and mental well-being. He understands how hard it is to navigate the Social Security Administration’s system even with ample resources. That is why he started HFI; it is his way of extending a helping hand to those who need help.