You are not alone. HFI is here to help you get the SSI/SSDI Disability benefits you need and deserve.

When you can’t work because you or your child is seriously sick or hurt it can feel like the scariest and loneliest place on earth. But you’re not alone. Our Disability experts at HFI may be able to help you get a monthly check from the Social Security Administration (SSA). This check can help you with basic needs for food, clothing, shelter and other needs for you and/or your child.

We know applying for Social Security benefits (SSI/SSDI) can be a difficult and takes a lot of time. Our team of Social Security Disability experts help you get the benefits you and/or your child needs by helping you through every step of the application process and will send in your application for you.

Unlike many other disability services, HFI’s service is offered to you at no cost. Our help is a benefit offered to you from your health insurance company. We both know that you’ll stay healthier and live better with the peace and comfort a regular monthly income can bring.