We know applying for SSI/SSDI Disability benefits can be a difficult and take a lot of time. That’s why our compassionate team of Disability experts will help you through the whole process and send in your application for you. We help you get the benefits you and/or your child needs.

You receive a letter from us and your health plan explaining how we can help you apply for SSI/SSDI Disability benefits.

We have a phone call with you to see if you and/or your child are eligible for SSI/SSDI Disability beneits.

If eligible, we mail you forms to complete. You mail the completed and signed forms back to us.

Our member advocate calls you to go over any information that is necessary for the application.

We submit your application to the Social Security Administration (SSA) and work with the SSA to make sure your application is complete.

If the SSA says you need an appointment, we schedule it for you. Once you attend the appointment, the application process begins.

When you receive an approval, we explain the details of your reward and next steps.

If you are denied and have a strong case, we assist you in the appeals process.